Hattie Hatstar has spent the last 19 years on the UK and European festival and cabaret circuit, playing the accordion and honing her own unique brand of musical entertainment. A relaxed and engaging performer, multi instrumentalist and excellent songwriter, with a song for just about every aspect of the human condition. Expect: murder ballads, drinking songs, songs about underwear, boyfriends, smoking, drugs, sex, ageing disgracefully and Armageddon, all delivered with disarming honesty and wit.


"Hattie Hatstar has proved to be one of the most popular performers I've ever booked in the 25 years that I've been organising music and arts festivals. She is a superb songwriter and engaging performer whose way with words endears her to our audiences, so much so that I get numerous requests to book her back every year. Her ability to hold an audience and get them to laugh, sing, cry and interact with her is wonderful to behold. She is quite unique, a true star, whose intelligent songwriting, musicianship and captivating stage presence makes her a genuine 'one-off' who I happily recommend to any other promoter."
Peter Chegwyn
Organiser, Wickham Festival (Hampshire)

"I always think of your songs like a mix of Pam Aryes and Victoria Wood, with the foot tapping beat and sing along melody. i always love a woman in a flat cap with a stonking cold, what a pro!...I hear you're hoping to work on even more new material which we at Cabaret Boom Boom would be most interested to hear and book you again...always a pleasure having you involved with our shows."
Rick Allan
cabaret boom boom production



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